Juniper Town

2 reviews


Developer - Sarina Vail
Version - 0.1.1
Installs - 10+
Updated - 02.05.2019
A Clicker Game with A Happy Twist!


Step into the world of Juniper Town!
The cute and wholesome clicker game about building a town from the ground up, with a focus on peacefulness not greed!

In other clicker games you're just collecting money for the sake of getting the biggest number, but in Juniper Town you're collecting resources to uncover a quaint little place that many unique citizens are just waiting to call home!

Enjoy the pixel art style as you explore the peaceful setting, meet new townsfolk, and uncover more about the world you're building.

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(2 reviews)
damion vail avatar
damion vail
May 26, 2019

The best clicker ever! I was so excited to unlock more and more of the map!

Solid Waluigi avatar
Solid Waluigi
May 3, 2019


Reply :
I'm glad you're happy! And yes, Ginger is very friendly!
May 3, 2019