House of Fear: Surviving Predator PRO

39 reviews


Developer - Best Horror Games
Version - 1.5
Installs - 50,000+
Updated - 07.06.2019
Help only yourself! I scream - survive! Escape from scary predators house!


Smart a lot? Try to solve three simple tasks. Kill, survive, escape!
New quest in the style of horror.
Find the exit, unravel the secret, escape the stalking darkness.
Solve scary puzzles.
Deeply immerse in the atmosphere of fear and mysteries.

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(39 reviews)
Abhishek Kumar abhishek avatar
Abhishek Kumar abhishek
June 2, 2019


Akash Dev Sahu avatar
Akash Dev Sahu
May 23, 2019

nice game

Amit Sharma avatar
Amit Sharma
May 23, 2019

it is a scary pataka

amor zayani avatar
amor zayani
April 23, 2019


Andy Silverio avatar
Andy Silverio
May 25, 2019

it really good game make a another one????

aniket pawar avatar
aniket pawar
April 13, 2019

very scary but how to protect yourself from ghost

Bat_God Xeno avatar
Bat_God Xeno
May 21, 2019

its bettr that the pro version has everything unlocked?

Bharat Naykodi avatar
Bharat Naykodi
May 23, 2019


deamon slayer 5464 avatar
deamon slayer 5464
April 17, 2019

nice and big world sandbox mode is fun I recomend it and in sandbox mode no jumpscares and monster cant get you good for messing around

FranLou Suzuki avatar
FranLou Suzuki
May 24, 2019

Jeeeeeesssssssuuuuusss this game is awesome! graphics? DAAAAAANNG I LOVE IT!!

Giovanni Alfaro avatar
Giovanni Alfaro
May 26, 2019

what amazing game, I'm in love with it, it's very addictive, thank you for it

godwin jerald avatar
godwin jerald
May 23, 2019

getthu macha

Jakkula Sivachandu avatar
Jakkula Sivachandu
May 22, 2019

this game is really scareydengeres, please don't try to play this game, i mean exlent graphic and very scarey sounds, really im feeling very fear and present my situation is fear you know.and i love this game tq bye.

James Arthuro avatar
James Arthuro
April 16, 2019

if it paid game, just give ads on getting resource (coin), no minimap, but i love a sensitivity features, the graphic is good for a small device, i wanna see more features on this game...

Reply :
Thank you for review!!!
April 17, 2019
Jerry Thomas avatar
Jerry Thomas
June 1, 2019

This is a decent game, except for the life limit and countdown till you are able to play again. there is already buyable hints, arrows, and stealth, just leave lives alone and allow people the chance to play continously. if needed put an ad playing between the start of each life.

Reply :
Update complete, no more lives now
June 8, 2019
Kakali Saha avatar
Kakali Saha
May 24, 2019

khub bhalo ami nijer nam bhule gechi

Maxime Miller avatar
Maxime Miller
May 20, 2019

nice horror game after evil nun,mr meat and granny,keep it up...

Michael Reeder avatar
Michael Reeder
May 23, 2019

not 4 me

O u r o b o r o s avatar
O u r o b o r o s
May 29, 2019

s i c k

Oscar Sandoval avatar
Oscar Sandoval
April 18, 2019

I love your game and it is fun