Into the Sky

16 reviews


Developer - errorsevendev
Version - 1.01
Installs - 1,000+
Updated - 23.04.2019
Push lasers, mirrors, portals & more into position to solve challenging puzzles!


Use your robot to push objects into position in order to hit sensors with the correct coloured lasers.

You'll need to think ahead and use creativity to work out which objects to use, and where to use them. Starting out very simple, the puzzles become increasingly difficult and more complex. Multiple lasers, multiple targets, portals, mirrors, beam splitters and more will all be required.

Pass a level and be lifted up into the sky where you'll be placed on the next level above. How high can you go?

Into The Sky is the latest smash hit game from the creators of Laserbreak and Cell 13.

Into The Sky includes:
• 70 levels ranging from simple to ultra difficult. Many hours of gameplay.
• Fantastic brain training - this game will give you a great mental workout
• Excellent time killer - play a level whenever you have a spare moment
• Awesome graphics and sounds, with an immersive ambient soundtrack
• Game play options
• Smooth and reliable game play.
• The ability to skip a level if you cannot solve it.
• Play offline - no wifi required

Previous games by ErrorSevenDev include Laserbreak, Laserbreak 2, Cell 13, Hexasmash and Hexasmash 2 - all smash hit puzzle games from the best indie puzzle game developers around!

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(16 reviews)
Daniel Abela avatar
Daniel Abela
April 23, 2019

Great time waster, challenging puzzles. No ads or pay to win :)

Dave Spina avatar
Dave Spina
April 24, 2019

could be amazing but the on screen controls are not best to use. please add swipe or virtual controls.

Dennis Bareis avatar
Dennis Bareis
April 26, 2019

Hate e controls, uninstalling

Edward Hauff avatar
Edward Hauff
April 28, 2019

Nice little time waster. DESPERATELY needs the option to put a D-pad in one of the lower corners to control movement.

Funny Trefl avatar
Funny Trefl
April 27, 2019

Make the controls better. Great concept but IMPROVE CONTROLS!!! Make arrows or something!

John Colt avatar
John Colt
April 27, 2019


John Smith avatar
John Smith
April 28, 2019

Good game. Terrible control. It's a long shot but maybe this one star can be a motivation to fix the problem. Needs a dedicated control pad on the bottom. Or if you want to retain the current control method, atleast put a transparent arrow button on each corner of the screen that lights up when you press it.

Justin Morton avatar
Justin Morton
April 27, 2019

Very simple in the beginning. Overall this is an enjoyable puzzle game. My only gripe is that the controls require you to tap near the corners of the display. It would be nice to be able to change the controls to a swipe or tap in the direction we want to travel instead like many other games do.

knightpeanut avatar
May 1, 2019

Awesome puzzle game. It makes me wonder if the developer made some levels impossible to solve

Lisa Craig-Young avatar
Lisa Craig-Young
April 27, 2019

Fun puzzle games but difficult to find controls area especially on tablet. Top right in particular difficult to find.

ma to avatar
ma to
May 12, 2019

Please add support for Google Play Games achievements etc. Thanks.

Rex avatar
April 24, 2019

I'm not much of a fan of puzzle games, but I really enjoyed this one it's challenging and relaxing at the same time. It's also free of the generally terrible IAPs that almost every mobile game has now. Overall I highly recommended this game! If I could add one thing it would be basic controller support.

Ron Phillips avatar
Ron Phillips
April 28, 2019

Ireally enjoy the game, but I hate the way you move the robot! I wish the developer would put an arrow keypad in one of the corners.

S. Blackett avatar
S. Blackett
April 26, 2019

Terrible controls!

Tim Moore avatar
Tim Moore
April 28, 2019


Zac Giles avatar
Zac Giles
April 25, 2019

The puzzles are ok, but the controls to move the character around the screen are so difficult, it renders the game unplayable.