Evolving Land - Origin of Planet Earth

38 reviews


Developer - HelloGame Studios
Version - 1.2.1
Installs - 50,000+
Updated - 02.06.2019
The Newest Merge & Idle game


No longer satisfied with a normal single merge game? Welcome to the Evolving Land, the newest advanced version of Merge & Idle game.
What you need to do is discover more elements, including biological and non-biological, merge. And you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.

In the early stages of the game, you need to merge the plants, animals and weather to create a basic ecological cycle. In the later game process, you will create various characters, villages, towns, kingdoms. You will create a real world by yourself, experience ancient times, the Jurassic era and modern times. You can even go through the entire ecological evolution including human evloution in Evolving Land.

Stages of Evolution:
▪ Weather
▪ Plants
▪ Animals
▪ Characters
▪ Tools
▪ Architectures
▪ Mysterious elements

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(38 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
May 30, 2019

pop up ads while the app is not open! Huge waste of time to find this crappy app was the culprit. To the developers, concentrate on content instead of tricks and gimmicks to get paid. Wish I could leave 0 stars!! Gross!

Aaron Poirier avatar
Aaron Poirier
May 15, 2019

Don't download will run pop up ads on your phone even the app is closed

Abigale Perkins avatar
Abigale Perkins
May 21, 2019

Fun game but runs pop up adds even when the app is closed. I have to "force stop" the games in the settings every time i play so i dont get them.

Alan Gerber avatar
Alan Gerber
April 28, 2019

It's very disingenuous to list this as a free app, but then only give a 3-day trial period before you start charging a $6 monthly subscription (automatically, btw, as stated on the opening screen if you read through the fine print). If you're going to make a pay-to-play game, at least be honest about it and charge up front so people either won't waste time or be tricked.

Alvaro Godoy avatar
Alvaro Godoy
June 1, 2019

malicious app. When I had it downloaded, ad shows randomly while I'm using my phone, not even with the game in second plane.

Bernd Maurer avatar
Bernd Maurer
June 8, 2019

This game is not working in Android Emulator Andy 47.0.1096. I might re-rate if I can get it ever running.

Bob LeMaster avatar
Bob LeMaster
May 4, 2019

Game was great until you started forcing ads for just playing it.

Carmelo Cabezo avatar
Carmelo Cabezo
May 20, 2019

I really wanted to know how far I'd be able to progress in the game, but I found out that this app caused all the pop up ads outside of the game. Deleted and uninstalled.

Celia Putri avatar
Celia Putri
May 24, 2019

its boring!

Dennis Cameron avatar
Dennis Cameron
May 27, 2019

Game runs AdWare. Your phone will get pop up ads even when the game isnt running. Uninstall immediately, and wouldnt be a bad idea to run some sort of cleaner peogram to make sure the garbage that is this game is fully removed.

Douglas Lahiang avatar
Douglas Lahiang
June 10, 2019

The game is nothing compared to the ad. And also SO MANY ADS! Even when im not in any apps, ads keep popping up on my phone! 3 words. Worst. Game. Ever. ????

Eduardo Silva avatar
Eduardo Silva
June 4, 2019

If you're gonna run so many ads, at least get a proper translation team to review the grammar.

Handi Tang avatar
Handi Tang
May 8, 2019

no option to mute sound, but its exciting game

Imanuel Prabhata avatar
Imanuel Prabhata
April 17, 2019

Very addictive

J. Nelson avatar
J. Nelson
April 21, 2019

I understand the bad reviews. instantly wanted me to pay before I could play. no instructions on the game. Everything cost money. Immediately within 2 minutes deleted off my phone. Would not recommend.

Jan Spring avatar
Jan Spring
May 30, 2019

The ultimate Cashgrab. Tons of Ads, a useless expensive premium and the gameplay is very very basic

Jen P avatar
Jen P
May 4, 2019

Granted you need some ads in order to keep games free, but an ad per every single match up is ridiculous!

Jennyfer Austin avatar
Jennyfer Austin
June 10, 2019

BEWARE THIS APP HIJACKS YOUR PHONE. All waa good for the first 24 hours. Then it started putting pop up ads EVERYWHERE eben when no other apps were open. I couldn't even write this review without one popping up. DO NOT INSTALL.

Kěbo BajaXawah avatar
Kěbo BajaXawah
April 30, 2019

this game is somewhat depressing

Kent Killingsworth avatar
Kent Killingsworth
May 15, 2019

boring excuse for putting ads in front of you