Hyperball Legends

155 reviews


Developer - Good Job Games
Version - 0.9.3
Installs - 100,000+
Updated - 15.05.2019
Become a Legend in this Online Multiplayer Car Ball Game


Compete against other players from around the world in this online multiplayer game.

Play against your opponents in 1vs1 matchups to show off your skills or team up with your friends to dominate the arena.

Defeat your opponents to unlock new cars ,upgrades and cosmetics for your cars.

Join now and become the Legend of the Arena.

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(155 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
June 5, 2019

lot of fun, but honestly I havent played against an actual human in weeks, why does it seem like this game is a ghost town full of horrible CPU,,,, my win % is above 80 with average 3.5 goals per game after 200 games, I think I've only played against others online 5 times max,, do some better promotion and add more stuff to work towards, I havent found anything other than chests to spend gems on

Adam Lemoi avatar
Adam Lemoi
June 11, 2019

servers are bad

Adub Walker avatar
Adub Walker
April 21, 2019


Agnes Chauke avatar
Agnes Chauke
May 18, 2019

thank you my dear friend.

Airie Who Draw avatar
Airie Who Draw
June 11, 2019

This game has no freaking sound

albert davila avatar
albert davila
May 30, 2019


Alkin Sen avatar
Alkin Sen
May 20, 2019

great game, very fun to play, recommended for everyone

Amanda Jackson avatar
Amanda Jackson
June 3, 2019

the game is time consuming and very fun

ana katkota avatar
ana katkota
May 14, 2019


Andre Castro avatar
Andre Castro
May 19, 2019

Ive been playing and its very enjoyable and i love it. Thank you to the people that made this game .I appreciate your support

Andres Sanchez avatar
Andres Sanchez
May 4, 2019

best game in playstore.

Ant Pony avatar
Ant Pony
May 14, 2019

cant join my friends honestly what the frick

Artem Antonyuk avatar
Artem Antonyuk
April 14, 2019

Controls are aids

May 26, 2019

worst game in matchmaking ever. I was not able to play even one game.??

Avi Tyagi avatar
Avi Tyagi
April 18, 2019

Why did you change the controls today? I'm ranked at #4 global and I don't think I can continue playing this anymore unless you give an option to switch to old controls

Axel Joel avatar
Axel Joel
April 13, 2019

best game better then oser game!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

Azim Mahmoodabadi avatar
Azim Mahmoodabadi
May 20, 2019

this game is awwwwwwwwwwsome

B H avatar
May 1, 2019

was fun till the controller change. should add in the settings a way to place your joystick and button.

Bajkal Surgut avatar
Bajkal Surgut
May 21, 2019

Bel gioco. L'unica pecca è se premi il tasto back esce dall'applicazione e quando la rimetti devi aspettare il tempo di caricamento. Aggiungere i suoni.

Bob Bryan avatar
Bob Bryan
April 22, 2019

controls causing issue