Looney Bunny: Rabbit Dash Toons

77 reviews


Developer - Mega Star Co.,Ltd
Version - 1.0.2
Installs - 50,000+
Updated - 13.04.2019
This is the latest version with outstanding graphics and Unlock all levels


Looney Bunny: Rabbit Dash Toons is the latest version of Looney game with outstanding graphics and a very entertaining gameplay starring a much-loved cast of characters. You can play Looney Bunny: Rabbit Dash Toons game when you are tired of other things

The gameplay of Looney Bunny: Rabbit Dash Toons isn't new for those of us who are used to endless runner games. It involves using the touchscreen to move left, right and to the center of the screen, as well as scroll up to jump, swipe down to roll over

Your aim in each level is to reach the end without being caught. To achieve this, you need avoiding all the obstacles and enemies who want to confront your power to complete the adventure and reach the last stage of Looney Bunny: Rabbit Dash Toons game for a unforgettable victory.

Looney Bunny: Rabbit Dash Toons with interesting features:
- FREE download
- Unlock all level with all characters
- Easy one touch swiping control
- Outstanding graphics
- Vivid sound and music
- Fix bugs old version

Dowload for free Looney Bunny: Rabbit Dash Toons right now and do not forget comments, rate five stars so we can develop this game better.
Wish you happy gaming !

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(77 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
April 21, 2019


Alejandra Ortega avatar
Alejandra Ortega
April 16, 2019


Amanda Ambord avatar
Amanda Ambord
April 10, 2019

the game would be okay if it wasnt FULL OF AD'S!!

amanda kapfer avatar
amanda kapfer
April 19, 2019

palces old Looney tunes Dish longs on facebook palces put on ituns

April Ramon avatar
April Ramon
April 13, 2019

cant even get to next level

Ashar Khan Usufzai avatar
Ashar Khan Usufzai
April 22, 2019

this game is totally free before i m waiting for new characters but still inprogress in progress then i uninstalled it but when i come back after ling time the demanding money what is this rubbish ....u become a blackmailer like that well the peoples edicted then u demanding money ...u dont have advertise over there....dont get downloading money ...oh yup...again uninstalled it that why u deserve single star infact u dont deserve any star but what can i do no option....idiot

Ashley L avatar
Ashley L
April 15, 2019

to many ads!! and everything is froze

Asna Awfer avatar
Asna Awfer
April 16, 2019

this is a foolish game we can only play the first fifteen levels of this game its a ewww game bit i love this game still

Audriana Rector avatar
Audriana Rector
April 16, 2019

this game is the best game ever only if it had it for apple iPhone too love this game!!!

Aunrag Mukhi avatar
Aunrag Mukhi
April 14, 2019

haha gzg

Briana Boston avatar
Briana Boston
April 22, 2019

nice game

Bruce Allen 2 avatar
Bruce Allen 2
April 20, 2019

can't play game to many damn infomercial they take 10min.then you can't playstill

Chris Green avatar
Chris Green
April 15, 2019

I need to know if it continues past level 15, if it does I have no problem paying the $19.99

Daksh Rawat avatar
Daksh Rawat
April 24, 2019

this game is really fabulous.

Dannii Cool avatar
Dannii Cool
April 17, 2019

Don't buy!! Its a rip off. I paid $40 and it only gives you the first 15 levels. You should not take people's money like that if you can deliver the full game. I want a full refund.

Danny Johnson avatar
Danny Johnson
April 23, 2019

like the game but just to many adds

Dannyell Stevens avatar
Dannyell Stevens
April 18, 2019

need to fix to many adds

De-Dee Bryson avatar
De-Dee Bryson
April 16, 2019

I gave it a three star because I cannot get to the next level which is 15. I paid $1.99 to play all the levels and now it is saying I need to pay $19.99 to play all of the levels. Can someone please help me, I really like this game and want to play the game.

delsean jones avatar
delsean jones
April 22, 2019

I used to love this game at one time. I was just getting pass the Transylvania level. I got a new phone so I finally reinstalled game only to be met with dismay. Who offers a free trial to folks when it originally was free? When you hit the "free trial" button it still takes you to 19.99 button. I see other reviewers say the same thing. This was a fun game. Wow, smdh!!

Demis. baby. avatar
Demis. baby.
April 16, 2019

Why does it say $19.99? When you open the app it says $19.99. Why?