Brick Breaker Star: Space King

227 reviews


Developer - Springcomes
Version - 2.2
Installs - 10,000,000+
Updated - 26.04.2019
Break the bricks and escape from hundreds of maze


Introducing the best Brick Breaker game that everyone can enjoy.
Enjoy various missions and addictively simple play control.

- Hundreds of stages and various missions
- No limit to play such as Heart, play as much as you can!
- 5 kinds of various items and items reinforcement system
- No network required
- game file is as low as 20M, light-weight download!
- supports tablet screen
- supports Google Play Leaderboards, Achievement, Multiplay
- supports 14 languages



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(227 reviews)
5jjbMohana Mani avatar
5jjbMohana Mani
April 25, 2019

super game

Aafrin Munde avatar
Aafrin Munde
April 26, 2019

I Like Game

Aaron Shack avatar
Aaron Shack
June 29, 2019

good ol' arkanoid with power ups. Pretty fun game to kill with.

Abdo affara avatar
Abdo affara
April 24, 2019

good game

Adam bruzek avatar
Adam bruzek
April 24, 2019

fun game

ahmed sadiq avatar
ahmed sadiq
April 25, 2019


aishwaryamangala Raju avatar
aishwaryamangala Raju
April 24, 2019

im living it

Ajaiah Dadiajaiah avatar
Ajaiah Dadiajaiah
April 25, 2019


Akash Behera Behera avatar
Akash Behera Behera
April 24, 2019

best game of brick breckar

Aleena Ansari avatar
Aleena Ansari
April 26, 2019

great n interesting

Allyson Langley avatar
Allyson Langley
June 28, 2019

I like it!?

Altovyes Mitchell avatar
Altovyes Mitchell
June 30, 2019

It was fun in time of relaxation!!!

Amar kamal avatar
Amar kamal
April 26, 2019

its amazing

Amr Gamil avatar
Amr Gamil
April 24, 2019

nice game

André Moura avatar
André Moura
April 26, 2019

A great brick braking game. love it.

andrew doheny avatar
andrew doheny
April 24, 2019


Anthony avatar
April 26, 2019

very addictive

Anthony Earl-Martin avatar
Anthony Earl-Martin
April 26, 2019

its quite a fun game at first and good to kill a bit of time but its the same thing over and over... gets boring after a while, uninstalling.

ANUJ JAIN avatar
April 26, 2019

ok time pass game

Arati Chau avatar
Arati Chau
April 26, 2019

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