Secret Sniper Action

37 reviews


Developer - Car Racing game
Version - 1.0
Installs - 100,000+
Updated - 13.04.2019
Sniper action, maintain order, and defend the world.


• Enjoy realistic 3D quality: the world's best sniper rifle, real and realistic for every little detail of the gun body, and 4 large and spectacular battlefields equipped with sniper launch positions, and according to the game logic And balanced design.

• Start your sniper career from a novice status and get the “Phantom” title through a variety of daily tasks and a fine ranking system. Unlock and upgrade modern professional equipment: sniper rifles, ammunition, military camouflage and special equipment.

- Unbeatable 3D quality and cool animations
- Hundreds of exciting missions
- Countless deadly weapons
- Addictive game
- Simple and intuitive control

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(37 reviews)
Alpesh Sindha avatar
Alpesh Sindha
April 23, 2019


AWDFh NtmwY avatar
April 22, 2019

excellent but we don't get energy rifill

BLgxP YKkcs avatar
BLgxP YKkcs
April 22, 2019

good weapons but mission 3, save the hostage is a bit overrated

coregency cunjer avatar
coregency cunjer
April 22, 2019

it's an aight game, helps past the time…

coronetted workshops avatar
coronetted workshops
April 22, 2019

very nice game

cQosU XOszT avatar
cQosU XOszT
April 22, 2019

im super badly enjoying it as of far????????

curiality sapping avatar
curiality sapping
April 22, 2019

It's a great game but it sucks when I'm on a winning streak in PVP battles and somehow I get disconnected. Will going premium change all of that?

Demareo Malkin avatar
Demareo Malkin
April 22, 2019

It’s a great game the best mobile sniper game I have played. Worth it

doers Spongilla avatar
doers Spongilla
April 22, 2019

fun but yearly subscription $60 is crazy

ensconce panspermist avatar
ensconce panspermist
April 22, 2019

nice but please give us more spec ops and morewepons

Famor Leo avatar
Famor Leo
April 18, 2019


Gastrophilus Ochrana avatar
Gastrophilus Ochrana
April 22, 2019

This game has very good graphics, I would recommend this.

grandeeism anachronism avatar
grandeeism anachronism
April 22, 2019

This game has redefined me existentially

grounds lustihead avatar
grounds lustihead
April 22, 2019

i am so happy to playing this game,alhamdulilah

infalling Francois avatar
infalling Francois
April 22, 2019

nice game but there should be less rate of weapons

Kadynce Deelay avatar
Kadynce Deelay
April 22, 2019

exellent game and very intereting game

Korahite doblon avatar
Korahite doblon
April 22, 2019

best game ever and best graphic controls smooth game

Leskea unmassacred avatar
Leskea unmassacred
April 22, 2019

its really good sniper game

Mohsin Malvi avatar
Mohsin Malvi
April 22, 2019

please do not download worst game ever plz plz dont waste your time making fool to people

Nelson RDx avatar
Nelson RDx
April 21, 2019

nyc game...