American Jail Break - Block Strike Survival Games

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Developer - Million games
Version - 61
Installs - 1,000,000+
Updated - 24.05.2019
Join the ultimate block shooting missions!


American Jail Break - Block Strike Survival Games is a pixel style fps shooting game, feel the thrill of playing the role of a shooter. This brutal running and shooting action stars you as a sniper of a deadly operation. A lot of enemies from cops n robbers to nurses and swat members! You have to wipe them out otherwise you are doomed! This fps game pocket edition is fun to play with lots of guns to upgrade and play your strategies. Plan your escape & break-out of jail in this action - survival pixel simulator. Challenging and exciting experience that can really get you hooked!

In this pixels game, breaking the advanced security system is going to be tough. Dodge the cop guards be a robber and run for your life through inescapable security blocks. Unlock unique weapons such as sniper guns, machine guns and pistols. It is an awesome pocket FPS block shooter for all kinds of blocks players!

American Jail Break - Block Strike Survival Games Features:

1. 6 shooter challenging missions to complete with cop n robber modes.
2. 3 pixels game modes to play: Easy, Medium and Hard.
3. 10+ weapons with great voxel models and pixel theme.
4. Wide choice of incredible pixels guns to upgrade.
5. Realistic 3D pixel blocks environment.
6. Awesome HD pixel graphics with dynamic light.

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(160 reviews)
5 second dancer avatar
5 second dancer
April 21, 2019

This game is cool my brother downloaded it and he can't finish the 3rd part but the third part was so easy.

Abdoul Mazidou avatar
Abdoul Mazidou
June 3, 2019

so good?

Abraham Alvarez avatar
Abraham Alvarez
April 24, 2019


Abraham Levine avatar
Abraham Levine
April 20, 2019

this game is awesome but I hate adds

Ahmed Hassnein avatar
Ahmed Hassnein
April 19, 2019

46768479اازاننقز طغثتنككعفففى?????للناس

Aiden McGuffin avatar
Aiden McGuffin
June 6, 2019


AidenLee Adventures avatar
AidenLee Adventures
May 25, 2019

awesome I'll sit for the part about guns

Akira bella Petilla avatar
Akira bella Petilla
April 21, 2019

thanks again for your help with my phone but you can come to me or I may not make it so I can make

Alexis Stout avatar
Alexis Stout
April 21, 2019

please give me all of the apps

Ali Efri avatar
Ali Efri
May 30, 2019

best game ever

Alyza aide avatar
Alyza aide
June 6, 2019

i love this game❤❤❤❤

amina aziz avatar
amina aziz
April 19, 2019


Amina Dube avatar
Amina Dube
May 25, 2019

I. have. it. on my. i-pad

Andre T avatar
Andre T
June 1, 2019


Andres Arellano avatar
Andres Arellano
June 6, 2019

this game is so much fun you could download it to and have fun don't believe the hater's there just liying and it's free to download today .

annabelle labrador avatar
annabelle labrador
May 27, 2019


Anto Riyan avatar
Anto Riyan
April 22, 2019

i love it to play

Ashley Smith avatar
Ashley Smith
April 23, 2019


ATG All Tyme da G avatar
ATG All Tyme da G
June 3, 2019

type Tbili

ayesha saddiqa avatar
ayesha saddiqa
June 4, 2019

nice judt like my mums add