DIY Fashion Outfit for Girls

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Developer - rosytales
Version - 1.0.1
Installs - 500,000+
Updated - 30.05.2019
Try this dress up game to see how to sew and design an outfit and a hairstyle.


There is no better way than to DO IT YOURSELF! So, play this new and exciting dress up game where you will find how to repair a burned blouse and dress, how to braid the hair, and how to create a unique aspect for a lovely girl. The first thing you will do in the game is to identify the damage and how you can fix it. Look at the top and cut off the part that is destroyed by the burn. As an inventive designer who is doing her own clothing, you will have to improvise and sew some ruffles to cover the missing part. One by one will be added and your top will look chic and ready to be used. Continue with the dress decoration where you will choose the color that will have the dress and the details that will make it look special. Now that you've finished the DIY (do it yourself) sewing, you can go to the hair salon step. You will wash the hair, arrange the wild strands and cut the unnecessary hair. Choose the type of braided hair you want to do and follow the given instructions. Style it up and keep going. All that left is to arrange a different outfit to represent our girl. Impress her with a unique style and get some nice accessories to match that stunning look. Either you will choose a shirt or a pair of pants, you must place your mark on her final style. You can also match her hairstyle with a lovely dress at which you will add some accessories, maybe some colorful fancy shoes and a bag or a nice pair of glasses.

Be pleased to find many amazing features that are brought to you by this fashion game:
- Free to play
- Easy gameplay and nice background sounds
- Having a cute girl in your care
- Learn how a hair salon works
- Use different tools and add new techniques to your skills
- Dress up items and cool accessories
- Find a proper outfit and look for our girl
- DO IT YOURSELF activities to accomplish
- Braided hairstyles to choose from
- Sew and repair destroyed tops

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(85 reviews)
May 31, 2019


Akash Choudhury avatar
Akash Choudhury
May 28, 2019


All in one #all avatar
All in one #all
May 20, 2019

this game is very good and i like it.

Andrea Irons avatar
Andrea Irons
April 23, 2019

Because it is fun?. But you tell me what to do?.

ashwini bagwe avatar
ashwini bagwe
April 23, 2019


Avinash Singh avatar
Avinash Singh
June 12, 2019


Babar Alam avatar
Babar Alam
June 7, 2019


Basmala Khaled avatar
Basmala Khaled
June 7, 2019

so beautiful

Beth Robinson avatar
Beth Robinson
June 9, 2019

it's not it's the best but it's okay

Charity Nymsha avatar
Charity Nymsha
May 1, 2019

not bad.

June 5, 2019

nicely designed and decorated

Collins Rita avatar
Collins Rita
May 29, 2019

its amazing i just love playing it

D.M Yadav avatar
D.M Yadav
June 8, 2019

yhis game is brilliant and awesome happenings in this but, there is one thing that is it is not possible to download it fastly and I think that there is nothing to develop from my side I will give 5star

Dhanam Lakshmi avatar
Dhanam Lakshmi
June 11, 2019

it's been bad??

Diana Amisya avatar
Diana Amisya
April 22, 2019

DIY FASHION outfit for Girls

Dinesh Singh avatar
Dinesh Singh
June 10, 2019

it's agood game

E B avatar
June 3, 2019


ebenezer biney avatar
ebenezer biney
May 11, 2019

this is good

Festim Asani avatar
Festim Asani
May 29, 2019


fun with ayan avatar
fun with ayan
June 2, 2019