Phantom Hearts: Romance You Choose

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Developer - Genius Inc
Version - 1.0.1
Installs - 10,000+
Updated - 11.06.2019
Will you be able to save three beauties from an evil spirit?


“Phantom Hearts”


Your parents are set to move to Japan, but you decide return to your hometown on your own after ten years of being away. Some parts of the town have changed; some have not. Ten years ago, you left behind your crying and heartbroken best friend. What will happen when you reunite?

The school that you have enrolled in seems normal in the beginning. Two sisters quickly befriend you – one who is spirited and brave and the other who is calm and shy. They let you in on a little secret: not everything in the school is as it seems. The peaceful facade at school is simply hiding the scars and horrors underneath. A tragedy occurred in the school not long ago, and it seems that you have landed in the thick of it.

You are reunited with your childhood friend who has grown into a beautiful girl. This happiness does not last long, though. An innocent excursion to an abandoned school building quickly turns into a living nightmare due to your actions. With bodies piling up and rumors of ghosts haunting the hallways, what can you do to help your school and save your friends? The three beauties might be able to help, but will you have the power to make sure that you all make it out alive…?


◆ Chloe

“I wasn’t sure you’d remember me, but I’m glad you do. I really missed you…”

Chloe is your childhood friend whom you haven’t seen for a number of years. She has been lonely since you left, but now that you are back, she’s hoping to reconnect. She’s usually sweet, but you are the only one who manages to bring out a myriad of emotions from her. Will you discover what lies deep within her heart?

◆ Rita

“I’ve seen things, and so will you now that you’re here. I will protect my sister and this school no matter what.”

Rita is the vibrant and passionate girl who befriends you on your first day. She is Anna’s older sister and always does her best to protect her loved ones. She is very brave and follows you into whatever adventure or mystery you find. Will you be able to keep her safe from her own reckless behavior?

◆ Anna

“I’ll be honest… I’m terrified, but I’m more scared of being alone than I am of helping to find out what is going on.”

Anna is Rita’s younger sister and is a shy and gentle soul. She is often terrified in the face of danger, but she does her best to try and help you solve the mystery surrounding the school. With your help, she might find more confidence. Will you help her to realize that she is brave for facing her fears?

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(137 reviews)
Adion D'ark avatar
Adion D'ark
May 28, 2019

Cant believe its actually pretty scary. I hate the strange sound, and i love the romance

aichuk debbarma avatar
aichuk debbarma
April 4, 2019

I m crying its so emotional ????

Aiman Amir avatar
Aiman Amir
April 8, 2019

the best game I ever played

Alex Wilson avatar
Alex Wilson
April 12, 2019

its sad story I'm crying

Allen Lambert avatar
Allen Lambert
May 31, 2019

fantasic story

Alpha Lazer Were Cat avatar
Alpha Lazer Were Cat
June 4, 2019

Extremely creative, but more than a dozen times as heart warming and even touching, yet at the same time very, the closest third descriptive word that I can come up with is beautiful.

Andy Barb avatar
Andy Barb
May 11, 2019

to press on this thing of dialog pay 27 dollars per dialog option then the add block for 5 dollars enough is enough fun game or what's left of one by the end

Anime girls Channel avatar
Anime girls Channel
May 5, 2019

it's super fun

Anime Queen avatar
Anime Queen
May 11, 2019

This story is the best ever even if chloe died she had make a good wish for kawto and I wished that kawto can live with chloe forever but I am sure that they will meet again and they will live a happy life forever *Crying???* and I love very very much this story very very much ?

aprex entertainment avatar
aprex entertainment
April 5, 2019

a real tear jerker

Arikup Pongen avatar
Arikup Pongen
April 11, 2019

heart touching story well done??

Arkplayer Unknown avatar
Arkplayer Unknown
April 21, 2019

it was amazing if only i could go with her in tge after life and make it a sad but happy death for me

armani gaming avatar
armani gaming
May 10, 2019

love it

Asael Adame avatar
Asael Adame
April 4, 2019

beautiful storyline

ashokinator onetwothree avatar
ashokinator onetwothree
April 17, 2019

excellent game i love the story and i hope you make a new dating sim like this

atleon light avatar
atleon light
May 24, 2019

The story is great. But, (spoiler alert) i noticed from the first to the third episode that the childhood friend isn't showing more often, this is a critical error for the readers who choose this path, and be prepared to be disappointed. Overall, the twist is good, feel a bit perplexing at first cause of the childhood friend. But nonetheless a great expirience.

atomic dude avatar
atomic dude
May 3, 2019

story us graet. but those GEMS why gife us just every choice for free

belinda espinosa avatar
belinda espinosa
June 11, 2019

okay I love it but can God atleast bring chloe to life or a different ending pls

Bio Frost avatar
Bio Frost
May 12, 2019

This Story was Lovely... But To me it's somehow nostalgic... I don't know how to explain it but I think This Story is a Part of me Now... this Deja vu Feeling... Enough about that. this app is definitely going to the top of my "Most Recommended App"

BitxZerox - avatar
BitxZerox -
April 2, 2019

Awsome game as always make more my girlfriend games