Magical Girl Dress Up: Magical Monster Avatar

109 reviews


Developer - iBoattech
Version - 1.0.5
Installs - 100,000+
Updated - 31.05.2019
Create virtual Magical Monster Girl &give yourself the look U have always wanted


Magical Girl Dress Up: Magical Monster Avatar is a new avatar making app for creating various Monster avatars that you can use anywhere and everywhere.

The Magical Girl Dress Up app is easy to use, and you will learn how to make your own avatar right away! Create a new anime avatar any time you want, have fun! Show this incredibly monster character creator app to your friends, so that they can make avatars too. Enjoy the newest monster avatar app on the market!


1. Make your monster avatar
2. Select the shape of eyes, eyebrows and mouth!
3. Create a variety of facial expressions to show different moods!
4. Combine different clothes and accessories – glasses, masks, hats, swings, tails!
5. Put your moving avatar in front of a beautiful background!
6. Save your avatar in your smartphone gallery!
7. You can share your animated avatar via email, text message, Bluetooth and on social networks!
8. Eyes provide great animation.

※ Data is stored on the device in this game. The data stored will also be deleted at the time of game deletion.

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(109 reviews)
/Blayy 》 avatar
/Blayy 》
April 14, 2019

It's really fun I'm just confused on how to get the keys

A Furry avatar
A Furry
June 4, 2019

Hello! I was testing your app, and there are a few problems. Too much ads. Every 5 or 4 minutes, there is a ad, appearing from nowhere. I think that you need to cut them down so the people can enjoy more! Another one is the lack of choices. Sure, you can make "your own" avatar, but I wanted to make my own clothes and poses, but like others, it just will not do it because there are the clothes abd poses that I would not like, so please make it seperate and add a bit more stuff. Otherwise, good job

AHeroInHeadphones 248 avatar
AHeroInHeadphones 248
April 25, 2019

it okay i guess

Aina Rafaralahy avatar
Aina Rafaralahy
April 22, 2019

I love it so much its cute and anime at the same time and it has goth stuff in it its good

Andrea Manley avatar
Andrea Manley
April 22, 2019

It keeps crashing

Angel Fuentes avatar
Angel Fuentes
June 9, 2019

Dad was a bat game, I dot no what to do

Anonymous Angel avatar
Anonymous Angel
May 30, 2019

I love this app so much, its just that the problem is that its difficult to remove the hair, clothing, accessories, etc. When you start to customize, the stuff is already on the character and it takes too long to remove it.

Aqua The dragon avatar
Aqua The dragon
June 1, 2019


Ashlyn Carranza avatar
Ashlyn Carranza
June 4, 2019

it is so fun and so much options to choose from

Aysya Marlina Wasli avatar
Aysya Marlina Wasli
June 3, 2019

soooooooooo good???

Bac Vu Thi Hoang avatar
Bac Vu Thi Hoang
April 23, 2019

I opened the app and then it just stoped loading!That is so annoying!!!!@???

Bawihtei Zoduhawmi avatar
Bawihtei Zoduhawmi
June 9, 2019

I like it

Bouapha Xayyaphiou avatar
Bouapha Xayyaphiou
June 2, 2019

this is just amazing??

Caitlynn Tebeau avatar
Caitlynn Tebeau
June 8, 2019

It's really a good game more boy things please but it's good

casandra perez avatar
casandra perez
June 3, 2019

I ❤️ magic

Cat 0x3 2 avatar
Cat 0x3 2
June 8, 2019

Ok, this app is really fun and cute but.. I hate it when theres a random person in the avatar and i have to take all the stuff off just to make a new one. and PLEASE add a redo-undo button. it would really help this game! thank you!

Cherri Fizz avatar
Cherri Fizz
April 24, 2019

let's get to the criticism before the praise: there is WAY too many ads. not to mention, every time a automatic ad plays, my character resets! that's so damn annoying. I can't be finished with my character without it randomly resetting. the music is also really annoying as well, and it would be better if you would just remove it. less is sometimes better than more. anyways, this app is pretty good! the art style is super cute and theres easy access to everything!

Cherry_ Berry avatar
Cherry_ Berry
June 5, 2019

I don't like it???

Cheyenne S avatar
Cheyenne S
April 5, 2019

In general, this is a pretty cute game. But the main problem is the color customization(namely, the color wheel). The bar on the side that lets you adjust the tint/shade of the color does not recognize it when you attempt to adjust it. (this is also a problem with their other games)

Cindy Schafer avatar
Cindy Schafer
April 20, 2019

It took so much time to load.