Cheetah Keyboard - Emoji,Swype,DIY Themes

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Developer - Cheetah Keyboard
Version - 4.43.0
Installs - 100,000,000+
Updated - 19.05.2019
Install Free keyboard with Emojis and DIY Themes !


Cheetah Keyboard is a free keyboard app that makes typing fast, accurate and fun!

Key Features
--?Smart Reply, Gesture Typing, AI-Powered Prediction together with Auto-correction will greatly improve your typing efficiency;
--? Hundreds of keyboard themes There is always one for you.
--?Funny Emoji, GIF, Stickers which can make your typing funnier.
--?Custom keyboard theme let you choose your own photo, wallpaper, colors, font style for your keyboard.
You definitely do not want to miss it. Here are more details for your reference:

?Why Cheetah Keyboard - Emoji & Gif Keyboard? ?

?3D animated emoji Keyboard ?:
Cheetah Keyboard provide cute 3D animated emojis such as baby chick, duckling, husky, frog, blowfish, bulldog, etc.

?Funny Emojis?
Our emoji artwork is provided by EmojiOne. You can find and type funny emojis when you chat with your friends.

?Gif Keyboard?:
Our GIF collection is supported by Giphy. It contains all kinds of the most popular gifs and memes.

?3D Themes?

Cheetah Keyboard provide real 3D Keyboard themes with real 3D engine. Here you can find 3D parallax themes, gravity themes and other new 3D themes.

?Smart Reply?
Saves time! It is the very first keyboard possessing Smart Reply function among keyboard apps. Based on the messages you received, suggests responses for you to reply faster.

?3D Touch and Cool Background Graphics?
Cheetah Keyboard - Emoji & Gif Keyboard is the first 3D Android keyboard app on Google Play Store. When you are typing, Cheetah Keyboard will display cool 3D effects.

?Personalized Free Themes?
A vast collection of free keyboard themes. There will always be one for you in our theme center.

?Create Your Own Themes?
Try andDIY your own themes, e.g. changing backgrounds and wallpapers with your own photos, changing fonts, music (sound), dynamic effects and the color of keyboard.

?Fast Swype?
No need to input letter by letter, just use fingers to swype through keypads. Triple your typing speed is possible!

?Auto-correction Function?
Annoyed by typing mistakes? Not with Cheetah Keyboard - Emoji & Gif Keyboard! It automatically corrects your typos to help you communicate faster and easier.

Note: Cheetah Keyboard - Emoji & Gif Keyboard will collect portions of what and how you type in order to improve Gesture Typing, Next-word Suggestion, Smart Reply and Auto-Correction accuracy. This app uses accessibility services for Smart Reply function to help users suffering from difficulties in communications and make typing easier. Data collected will not be associated with your personal information and will be maintained in accordance with Cheetah Mobile's Privacy Policy.

?Join Us?
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(152 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
April 25, 2019


abdul fatahali avatar
abdul fatahali
April 25, 2019

Amazing app

Abdullahi ismail avatar
Abdullahi ismail
May 22, 2019


Adda pharmacist avatar
Adda pharmacist
May 22, 2019

not bad

Aderemi Oluwasegun avatar
Aderemi Oluwasegun
May 22, 2019

Super good

Adriana Valadez avatar
Adriana Valadez
May 22, 2019


Ahmad Gomaa avatar
Ahmad Gomaa
May 22, 2019

جميل جدا

Ajay Koshti avatar
Ajay Koshti
April 25, 2019


Alannah J Stone avatar
Alannah J Stone
April 25, 2019

I love the keyboard and the theme selection is amazing. Easy to use and to switch out if needed.

Ali Mohamed avatar
Ali Mohamed
May 22, 2019

It is not bad actually i think it is the best

Ali Mohamed avatar
Ali Mohamed
May 22, 2019


AmayDotes avatar
May 22, 2019


Ámmar Õzil avatar
Ámmar Õzil
May 22, 2019

Ads Every time!!? ?

Andrea Castillo avatar
Andrea Castillo
May 22, 2019

I love it!!

andrew freeman avatar
andrew freeman
April 25, 2019

I love this keyboard, it is so cool. Try it!!

Anna Bradshaw avatar
Anna Bradshaw
May 22, 2019

I had this on my old phone and absolutely loved it. It was free on my old phone. I put it on my new phone and now they want yo chage me $70 a year for it. Guess ill have to find another app.

Arjay Allan Monterey avatar
Arjay Allan Monterey
April 25, 2019

Keep it up guy's....! Hipe you add more AI type for keyboard.... Thanks.

Ashutosh Chauhan avatar
Ashutosh Chauhan
April 25, 2019


Awwal Suleiman avatar
Awwal Suleiman
April 25, 2019

good and efficiency

Azeez Oyinlola avatar
Azeez Oyinlola
May 22, 2019

one of the best keyboards i have used so far ????