Dynasty Dominator

37 reviews


Developer - RotoUnderworld
Version - 31
Installs - 500+
Updated - 11.04.2019
Price Checker, Trade Analyzer & Player Comparison tools to draft & trade better


RotoUnderworld's complete dynasty league domination arsenal includes a Price Checker, Trade Analyzer and Player Comparison heat mapping system to draft better, trade better, and crush the competition.

Win your draft with a real-time Dynasty Price Checker that contextualizes player valuation with a metrics-driven lifetime value gauge, Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) high stakes dynasty start-up ADP graph, and PlayerProfiler dynasty ranking position.

Build a super team with a constant stream of league-winning dynasty trades using RotoUnderworld's ground breaking Trade Analyzer that accurately values future draft picks, free roster space, and prioritizes quality over quantity in dynasty dealmaking.

Set up a golden loom of accrued dynasty roster value with PlayerProfiler's highly anticipated Player Comparison Matrix that juxtaposes advanced prospect profiles and the NFL metrics that matter most to create the next generation talent heat mapping system.

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(37 reviews)
Aaron Stewart avatar
Aaron Stewart
April 12, 2019

*boner sound effect*

adaryl twillie avatar
adaryl twillie
April 20, 2019

Excellant app

Alex Owen-Schubnell avatar
Alex Owen-Schubnell
April 25, 2019

Amazing app! Another masterstroke from the genius of Matt Kelley!

Austin Merullo avatar
Austin Merullo
April 14, 2019

Started listening to the show a few months back. Matt's a funny guy and has a big personality but he knows what he's talking about. This app reflects that knowledge and is a must own for anyone in a Dynasty League. You're already investing a lot of time into Dynasty, so you should also invest in the right technology to get you to that championship. This app is extremely helpful and I'm really happy with it.

brian farr avatar
brian farr
April 22, 2019

been waiting for this style of football app forever!

Burt Ridley avatar
Burt Ridley
May 6, 2019

Excellent app. The superflex option is a necessity. I know you will get all uppity that we (your customers) have asked for it, but deal with it. 5 star app with superflex.

Chris So avatar
Chris So
April 19, 2019

freakin sweet, a trade tool by someone I trust.

Christian Turner avatar
Christian Turner
May 3, 2019

A truly amazing and fluent application that will just keep growing! The best fantasy football application in the market place. The best part about this app, is the fact that Matt Kelly himself is leading the charge. His passion for fantasy football and his community shines through the Dynasty Dominator app.

Dan Cecchin avatar
Dan Cecchin
April 14, 2019

How is this only $5?! Almost feel guilty getting it at this price. This app is incredible. The innovation vs other trade calcs really comes through on the trade eval (background podcast was great on the exponential lifetime value scores to differentiate the elite players, give proper value to empty roster spots, and appropriate value to draft picks). The player comparison is a great tool (not to mention really nice interface). And all this in the first version with more to come (superflex!)

Daniel Wangchomchantra avatar
Daniel Wangchomchantra
April 11, 2019

Now I can run my own damn team! App has a slick, minimalist interface, loads quickly and spits results out just as fast. Price Checker is great way to look at trends. Dynasty ADP ticker is a nice touch.

Dave Dobson avatar
Dave Dobson
April 17, 2019

Patreon here, excited to support THE premier fantasy football analyst in the market, looking forward to using this app and seeing it grow. ?

Dino Giolitti avatar
Dino Giolitti
April 12, 2019

Really impressed with the app. Dynasty trades can be a challenge. I feel I have a distinct advantage over my leaguemates now.

dnwright245 avatar
April 14, 2019

Very easy to use and very sexy to look at combined with meaningful fantasy football application. Great value considering most trade calculators have a monthly subscription. No brainer purchase.

Don Coco avatar
Don Coco
April 25, 2019

finally a way to help evaluate dynasty trades

Eric Smith avatar
Eric Smith
April 14, 2019

Easy to use and very useful

Erik Westlund avatar
Erik Westlund
April 14, 2019

This app is slick! The interface is gorgeous and it's backed up with solid rankings. Seriously a steal for 5 bucks

Geoffrey Kocis avatar
Geoffrey Kocis
April 15, 2019

$4.99 is a steal. dont overthink this one

Gordon Duby avatar
Gordon Duby
June 7, 2019

love it,but whem are we getting super flex as a league option

Gregory Cohen avatar
Gregory Cohen
April 15, 2019

CLICHE ALERT Great app, probably doesnt need to vibrate during tue price check though

Jason Eckert avatar
Jason Eckert
April 14, 2019

All your wildest hopes and dreams come true with the Podfather.