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Developer - ZipRecruiter, Inc.
Version - 5.10.1
Installs - 5,000,000+
Updated - 05.06.2019
Job search app that finds jobs for you! Takes the work out of looking for a job!


1. Install the ZipRecruiter Job Search app.
2. Tell us about the jobs you're looking for: location + keywords, or job titles
3. Find jobs you like!
4. Apply with just one tap!

ZipRecuiter is the employment app that gives you the best results because it searches for you automatically!

The Zip job board helps you find a good job nearby fast. It learns what kind of employment you're looking for, searches for you, and automatically notifies you when there's a new job that is a good match for you! Other job finder apps make looking for a job hard. Not ZipRecruiter!

If you want to find a good job this employment app will really help you, because it searches automatically across 100s of job boards. "No pain, no gain" has never been less true!

You'll receive notifications about local jobs that are a good match for you. YOU will be the first to know when local jobs become available!

If you're looking for: "find local jobs now hiring near me", "jobs around me", "hiring jobs now local"? Then this is indeed the jobsearch app for you.

With just one search, you can instantly find a real job among the millions of jobs available.

If you're looking for: "find local jobs now hiring near me", "jobs around me", "hiring jobs now local"? Then this is indeed the jobsearch app for you.

With just one search, you can instantly find a real job among the millions of jobs available.

The ZipRecruiter job search app also includes jobs from other employment apps.

And many more. So you don't need to search using other job applications, because ZipRecruiter includes those employment opportunities too.

You can find almost any kind of job in the Zip Jobs app.

• Nursing jobs
• Higher ed jobs
• Jobs in logistics
• Journalism jobs
• K12 jobs
• military veteran jobs
• online jobs
• remote jobs
• part time jobs
• quick jobs
• restaurant jobs
• retail jobs
• USA jobs
• veterans jobs
• USA jobs gov
• US army jobs

Zip job listings has USA jobs from across all 50 states:

• jobs in Texas
• jobs in Florida
• jobs in Maine
• jobs in California
• jobs in New York
• jobs in Illinois
• jobs in Pennsylvania
• jobs in Ohio
• jobs in Georgia
• etc.

Of course you can search the listings by precise locations like cities, or urban areas such as:

• jobs in Madison
• jobs in NY
• jobs in LA
• jobs in Chicago
• jobs in Houston
• jobs in Philadelphia
• etc.

• Job discovery and job radar,
• Find job now hiring
• Instantly search hundreds of job boards at once
• Get the best matched jobs sent to your inbox daily
• Apply to jobs in seconds from your phone
• Save jobs to your Saved Jobs list
• Review your Applied Jobs list
• Manage your job search from the app or the website

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(160 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
April 25, 2019

it is a good app but I am just interested and being a superintendent of construction sites anything else please don't send me the information thank you I am a commercial superintendent highly motivated and experienced in all fields of commercial construction I have educated myself and being a professional to represent the company I am highly motivated successful in dealing with all public relations engineers and architects City officials government officials Federal officials for inspections

Abdul Quddus Muhammad avatar
Abdul Quddus Muhammad
June 7, 2019

Extremely helpful and convenient

adrian jackson avatar
adrian jackson
April 24, 2019


Alex Rohrbach avatar
Alex Rohrbach
June 6, 2019


Alvin Brown avatar
Alvin Brown
June 7, 2019

very helpful

Alyssa Clark avatar
Alyssa Clark
April 25, 2019

this app give a lot of job options and I like how it responded to pack if I don't qualify for the position but I feel like it can have more options

Andrea Amyx avatar
Andrea Amyx
June 7, 2019

Always have loved Ziprecruiter!! I have never had any problems getting a job from them.

Angela Smith avatar
Angela Smith
April 24, 2019

Love It, Love It, Love It❤❤❤

April 25, 2019

I think this is the best job app I've ever used.

Ardian Kapxhiu avatar
Ardian Kapxhiu
June 6, 2019

nice company and simple understandable application.thank you guys.

Ashley Applegate avatar
Ashley Applegate
June 6, 2019


Bobby Montoya avatar
Bobby Montoya
June 7, 2019

very convenient

Bohnm Stansill avatar
Bohnm Stansill
April 24, 2019


Brandon Boyd avatar
Brandon Boyd
June 6, 2019


Brandon Owen avatar
Brandon Owen
April 24, 2019

easy to use constant communication for helping find jobs. very helpful.

Brian Holton avatar
Brian Holton
June 6, 2019

easy to use with lots of available opportunity.

Brian Judd avatar
Brian Judd
April 25, 2019

so far easy to use

Brittney Shealy avatar
Brittney Shealy
April 25, 2019

great app

Cathleen Lovette avatar
Cathleen Lovette
April 25, 2019

Zip Recruiter, I believe, is the very best way to see what jobs are available in ones field, and apply for them and be considered lightning fast.

Chavela Miley avatar
Chavela Miley
June 7, 2019

I've had several interviews